The Sunday Alternative is run by volunteers. Everyone became part of Assembly by simply asking "What can I do to help?"

There is a place for everyone at The Sunday Alternative and there's always a skill we could do more of.

If you fancy volunteering, and those who play an active part in the Assembly get the most from it, then chat to one of the people below at the next Assembly or contact us here.


Speak to Stephen about being in the band.

Band Leader

Stephen Paul

Sam is everywhere in the Assembly, but especially talk to her about Safeguarding or Diversity.

Committee Vice-chair, Diversity lead, Safeguarding second

Sam Butler

Natalie is always looking new ideas for social events and especially for people wanting to organise an event.

Committee Member, Live Better lead

Natalie Masento

Matthew is our games master. Have a word with him if you would like to be the Master for a day or have a great game to share.

Committee Member

Matthew Childs

Speak to Shelley if you would like to read a poem - your's or someone else's.

House poet

Shelly Connor

Speak to Stephen about all aspects of Sunday Assembly.

Committee Chair, Band Leader

Stephen Paul

You can't get away from it, financial stability underpins any organisation. If you want to become a regular contributor to the Assembly Lynda would love to meet you.

Committee Member, Treasurer

Lynda Chater

If you have any special needs or concerns then Ben is your first contact point. A lovely guy with much experience dealing with the more delicate issues of building a community. If you would prefer to speak to a female seek out the equally fab Sam Butler.

Committee Secretary, Safeguarding lead

Ben Robinson

Organising the front of house is a big job. If you can help, and joining the front of house team is an excellent way to get involved in the Assembly, then please chat to Edward.

Committee Member, Front of house lead

Edward Venison

We are always looking for food contributions and servers.

Catering lead

Fiona Lahive