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Sunday Assembly, Sam's story

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I grew up a catholic. Church every Sunday, singer and instrumentalist in the choir and band, choir practise every week. Events, rituals, gatherings at Easter, Christmas, christenings, school, prayer group, youth group, coffee after mass. Church was my life, my culture, my family, my everything. I left the church and everything my family believed in at 18 years old and at that stage in life you often have so many other distractions that the wrench from everything and everyone you know, and the foundation on which your life is built is manageable; everything exciting, a new freedom and a whole big world outside the church. But, I never got over the loss of singing as a group and I missed the sense of belonging to something. Sunday Assembly Reading is a ready made community, a truly diverse group of lovely people who just enjoy being together and most of all welcoming in new people. No judgement, no dogma. I love it.

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