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If you can walk, you can circle dance

Circle dance is done in communities in many parts of Easter Europe, to bring people together.

Anne will teach a variety of simple dances from scratch, both modern and traditional fun and meditative – you are warmly invited to join in.

No partner, special clothing or experience needed, just a willingness to have fun moving to music.

If you can walk, you can circle dance.

Anne has been circle dancing since the 1980s and teaching since 2008. She runs regular groups; circle dance days; one off sessions for anything from Brownies, parties, to Age concern; and has taught in Croatia, Turkey, and this year Brazil. She brings clarity, enthusiasm, and humour to her sessions.

Anne and Peter are not singing teachers, but love singing, and also sharing that joy with others. They will teach some easy rounds from various traditions, so that we can have a minimum amount of learning, and maximum amount of time making simple harmonies together.

Join us at the Field Called Wonder.

8th -10 June 2018 somewhere in the Chilterns.

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