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Sunday Assembly Reading is no more, but is that a phoenix I see?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Last year our parent organisation, Sunday Assembly London, set all the other assemblies free, and now we merely share a common belief in the value of community for its own sake, but there are no formal ties between us. So we’ve decided to embrace that freedom.

We’ve long thought the name Sunday Assembly is problematic. Two very religious words for a characteristically unreligious organisation. We were a bit like a Spanish ferry company called Iceland Airlines. We found we were too often telling people what we were not, rather than what we were. We also had reservations about the triangle being somewhat cultish in appearance.

So after about 2 years of discussing this subject, we are now called:

A name we hope will depict more accurately what we are but still connect us to our roots and to our sibling organisations scattered around the globe, with the same SA abbreviation and pallette. The activity we do monthly is still called an "Assembly".

The new logo was revealed at the assembly last Sunday and we will be changing social media and web site name over the next few days.

A big thank you to the committee members who put a surprisingly large amount of time in this decision and design. We hope you think this is a positive step. One question remains. What are the members of it called?

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