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Sunday Assembly Reading moves to South Street Arts Centre

It's taken 3 years but at last, the Assembly is where it should be - at South Street. A lovely venue with a fab management team. The Assembly will be at South Street from 16th Feb 2020. Start time is unchanged - doors open at 10:30 am with the Assembly at 11.

This post explains travelling arrangements. Please share any better ideas in the Group or leave a comment below. This map shows the South Street Arts Centre: the closest bus stops, on-street parking and the convenient car parks.

Walking This is the ideal way to get to the assembly if you can. Nothing better than starting the day with a bit of exercise. There are a few walkthroughs show on the map. It's a 12 minute walk from Reading train station.

Below is the cut-through from Queen's Road. There is also a ramp for people travelling on wheels.

Cycling There isn't a bike rack so lock your frame to the metal fencing but do use a good lock as there have been a few thefts over the years.


The two closest bus stops, travelling south and north, are on London Street outside the RISC/Global Cafe. Then walk up the hill and take either the first footpath or road on the left.

Driving - On-street Parking - £3.20 for 2 hours, max 3 hours. There is on-street parking (shown in yellow on the map) on South Street, London Street, Sidmouth Street and the northern part of East Street. Costs are:

Driving - Euro Car Parks, Horse and Barge - £2 for 2 hours, until 18:00. Very limited spaces. 6-minute walk to South Street.

Car park behind RISC - £1.50 for 2 hours, max 24hrs. Very limited spaces. Note you can not park in RISC's spaces unless you are a member. The car park below is beyond RISC's spaces. 3-minute walk to South Street. There is a step car ramp to negotiate with oncoming traffic, although it should be quiet on a Sunday morning. There is also a walkway back to London Road.

Queen's Road Parking

Free on-street parking There is limited free parking on Kendrick Road (8 min walk), Prince's Street (7 min walk) and Whitley Street Car Park (13 min walk), shown in green on the map.

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