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The Sunday Alternative is a welcoming and safe space for all and therefore we take safeguarding seriously. This is our Safeguarding Policy. In addition, we are developing a programme of training for the committee members in order to continue our safeguarding knowledge and understanding. 


All SA volunteers are required to sign a simple Code of Conduct document and to sign that they have read and understood the Safeguarding Policy.

Our Safeguarding Leads are Stephen, Sam and Ben.

There is a family space for people with young children set aside in the main area. 


All areas of the assembly are wheelchair accessible.


We ask the congregation to stand during singing but if you would prefer not to that's cool.





Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 08.51.48
Kid's Areas
Kids Zone

Please contact us if you wish to know more about safeguard or accessibility at the Assembly or have an issue to report, please use the forms below. Some safeguarding issues are delicate so if you are more comfortable speaking with someone of a particular gender please us the appropriate form.

Ben (male)

Thanks! Message sent.

Sam (female)

Thanks! Message sent.

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